World’s first in-browser 3D robotics enablement platform for future education success.

Who are we?

We teach the adults of tomorrow the skills of the future. As the official UK partner of Robotify, we have multi-platform educational software easily accessible for schools/children across the UK. We also work with hardware companies to develop virtual digital-twins of their units to help them scale.


What do we do?

Technology has taken over 90% of the jobs humans used to do. That means we need to provide the skills to all generations to allow them to understand robots and coding.


Our Services


Our 200hr + UK aligned curriculum teaches kids how to control and code robots using graphical programming language Blockly and uses robots like an underwater ROV, the Mars rover and more. Users login at and in three clicks they can be moving the Mars rover across the rocky red planet terrain or controlling a test bot in a robot testing laboratory. With Robotify’s in-browser simulation technology the sky’s the limit. Kids Key Stages 1 to 4.

Robiserve provides professional day training and continuous coding courses virtually on a monthly basis. Robotify is the perfect tool for educating your staff about the future of robotics and coding in the workplace. Challenge your staff and bring the most innovative solution in edtech to your workplace. 

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Industrial Training

Not only do we provide corporate training to non-techies. We also provide the highest-grade in-browser physics performance available and allow users to control the latest and greatest robots in excess of £1 million pounds worth. 

Robotify's A-Grade physics simulation has been applied globally to deliver premium virtual digital-twins of established robotics companies. These simulations run in-browser and the same code runs on the physical as it does on the virtual. This makes scalability huge.


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