World’s first in-browser 3D robotics enablement platform for future education success.


We teach the adults of tomorrow the skills of the future. As the official UK partner of Robotify, we have multi-platform educational software easily accessible for schools/children across the UK. We also work with hardware companies to develop virtual digital-twins of their units to help them scale.

Block based programming made easy!

Current and upcoming Robotify Edu offerings including but not limited to structured courseware, educator resources, educator tools, and CPD offerings place Robotify in a position to offer significant value to pupils, teachers, and institutions across all six conceptual strands.

How Does Robotify Edu coincide with the U.K Curriculum?

Robotify has identified six broad conceptual strands within the Department for Education Computing Curriculum. These strands represent a combination of computer science, ICT, and digital literacy aim.


Robotify have a large range of interactive courses currently available, but it doesn’t stop there, Robotify release new courses every month. The courses are designed to cover key stages 1 to 4 of the  curriculum standards set by the Department for Education, making sure that what you’re learning is not only fun but also relevant

Key Stages 1-4
UK Curriculum KS1.png
UK Curriculum KS2.png
UK Curriculum KS3.png
UK Curriculum KS4.png



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  • 200hr+ of content

  • Automatic Assessment

  • Classroom management

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